LED Light Frequencies

A light therapy session will not just expose you to the different light types, it also exposes you to different frequencies, which can be utilized and manipulated to address specific concerns.

According to the late French neurologist, Dr. Paul Nogier, sickness results when cells, molecules, or particles of matter are out of their normal resonance, or vibratory pattern. By repeatedly exposing damaged tissue to the normal resonant frequencies associated with that tissue, healing often occurs quite rapidly.

Light and frequency technology also works with Solfeggio frequencies. Solfeggio frequencies are believed to be the frequencies used by Gregorian Monks in their chanting. Based on six pure tonal musical notes, Solfeggio frequencies are transformative, connecting you to Source.


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No one way forward works for all people. Your individual health picture is different from anyone else's and therefore your care should be customized for your specific situation.

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