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We at Halcyon Health use a variety of different methodologies to assess your health picture and help you resolve some issues and become an overall healthier you. We look at your health from a holistic perspective and when the full picture is understood, options can be discussed about how you might become healthier. From light sessions to iridology, biofeedback to nutrition and supplementation counseling, Halcyon Health is able to look at your health from many perspectives and make recommendations that take your whole health into account.

The tools we use in analyzing your health picture are all non-invasive and are rarely contra-indicated or cross-purposed. The services and consultation provided by Halcyon Health LLC are meant to provide you with additional information about your health picture so you can make better decisions about your lifestyle and how to be a healthier you.


Create a Chest of Healthy Tools

FDA-approved LED light sessions   |   Nutritional counseling, and more


The complementary serices of Halcyon Health allow you to choose from a variety of tools that might help you achieve your health goals.

The LED light system that we use in our light sessions is FDA-approved for use with those who have pain, inflamation, and ____. There have been a number of studies on these systems by NASA, ____, and ____, all with positive results. You can also have an iridology session prior to working with the lights -- this allows for a more customized series of light pulses to work with your unique body. Other services offered by Halcyon Health (including biofeedback, nutritional counseling, and ____) can all be picked-and-chosen from as complementary services to light sessions.

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Philosophy of Consultation

No one way forward works for all people. Your individual health picture is different from anyone else's and therefore your care should be customized for your specific situation.

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