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We at Halcyon Health use a variety of different methodologies to assess your health picture and help you resolve some issues and become an overall healthier you. We look at your health from a holistic perspective and when the full picture is understood, options can be discussed about how you might become healthier. From harmonic light sessions to iridology, biofeedback to nutrition and supplementation counseling, Halcyon Health is able to look at your health from many perspectives and make recommendations that take your whole health into account.

The tools we use in analyzing your health picture are all non-invasive and are rarely contra-indicated or cross-purposed. The services and consultation provided by Halcyon Health LLC are meant to provide you with additional information about your health picture so you can make better decisions about your lifestyle and how to be a healthier you.




Balance. A concept many of us can describe in less than 30 seconds. In fact, dictionary.com offers several definitions, and I found this one simple and profound: a state of equilibrium or equipoise. Although offering an explanation or example is easy, achieving a state of balance can feel like an unachievable task. We have families, pets, careers, faith communities, hobbies or education all competing for our time and energy. Society today is fast-paced, quickly changing and seems to value less the very precious gift of this life. It is my intention, and has been for more than 35 years, to serve our community and surrounding areas by providing support to navigate some of the barriers you identify along the journey.

Here is one very humble truth I live by: disease is a manifestation of imbalance in our bodies, minds, or Spirits. To achieve a state of balance, you must begin with intention and a commitment to increase your awareness. When you make a decision to truly look at and evaluate your blessings and opportunities, that is where we start our journey together.

We begin with Iridology, a non-invasive method for gathering specific information about your physical and emotional well-being. I take a magnified picture of the iris of your eye and we look at it together. This provides information about systems and organs and serves as the analysis tool to identify individual stressors and strengths. This facilitates your goal setting. I assist with prioritization and we consider modalities to support your specific needs. Because let's face it, the options can feel so overwhelming and we cannot do everything at once. This is not meant to be difficult, we focus on a gentle, easy way of healing and, actually, that is what halcyon means. Together, developing a reasonable plan will provide the most potential for consistency and ultimately, success.

Suggested modalities may include nutritional counseling, light therapy, biofeedback, aromatherapy as well as potential referrals to additional practitioners.

It is my intention that you find encouragement and inspiration. Remember, balance is the key. What we eat, feel, drink, say, do, they all require awareness. So, when you are ready, I am here. I look forward to working together to achieve your optimal health and wellness.


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No one way forward works for all people. Your individual health picture is different from anyone else's and therefore your care should be customized for your specific situation.

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